Tuesday 24 August 2004
10h30 - 12h

Opening session: Yves Deswarte, Pierre Paradinas & Jean-Jacques Quisquater

Invited talk

Belgian Electronic Identity Card: Security, Interroperability and Integration aspects - Olivier Libon (Federal Public Service on Information and Communication Technology, Belgium)

13h30 - 15h
Java Cards

Session chair: Joachim Posegga (University of Hamburg, Germany)

Invited presentation: Smart Cards in Love - Bertrand du Castel (Axalto, USA)

Enforcing High-Level Security Properties For Smart Card Applets - Mariela Pavlova, Gilles Barthe, Lilian Burdy, Marieke Huisman, Jean-Louis Lanet (INRIA, France)

On-the-fly Metadata Stripping for Embedded Java Operating Systems- Christophe Rippert, Damien Deville (INRIA Futurs, IRCICA/LIFL, France)

15h30 - 17h30

Session chair: Jean-Jacques Quisquater (UCL, Belgium)

Privacy Issues in RFID Banknotes Protection Schemes- Gildas Avoine (EPFL-LASEC, Switzerland)

Smartcard-based Anonymization- Anas Abou El Kalam, Yves Deswarte (LAAS-CNRS, France), Gilles Trouessin (Ernst & Young, France), Emmanuel Cordonnier (ETIAM, France)

Privacy Protecting Protocols for Revocable Digital Signatures- István Zsolt Berta, Levente Buttyán, István Vajda (Budapest U. Technology and Economics, Hungary)

Anonymous Services using Smart Cards and Cryptography- Sébastien Canard, Jacques Traoré (France Telecom R&D, France)

Wednesday 25 August 2004
10h30 - 12h
Side-Channel Attacks

Session chair: Jan Verschuren (TNO, The Netherlands)

Efficient Countermeasures against Power Analysis- Tetsuya Izu, Kouichi Itoh, Masahiko Takenaka (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan)

Smart-Card Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography and DPA-type Attacks- Marc Joye (Gemplus, France)

Differential Power Analysis Model and Some Results- Sylvain Guilley, Philippe Hoogvorst, Renaud Pacalet (GET / Télécom Paris, France)

13h30 - 15h
Fault Injection Attacks

Session chair: Peter Honeymann (University of Michigan, USA)

Place and route for secure standard cell design- Kris Tiri, Ingrid Verbauwhede (UCLA, USA)

A Survey on Fault Attacks- Christophe Giraud, Hugues Thiebeauld (Oberthur Card Systems, France)

A Differential Fault Analysis Attack Resistant Architecture of the Advanced Encryption Standard- Mark Karpovsky, Konrad J. Kulikowski, Alexander Taubin (Boston U., USA)

15h30 - 17h
Middleware 1

Session chair: Peter Hartel (U. of Twente, Netherlands)

Secure Network Card Implementation of a Standard Network Stack in a Smart Card- Michael Montgomery, Asad Ali, Karen Lu, (Axalto, USA)

A Pattern Oriented Lightweight Middleware for Smartcards- Jean-Michel Douin (CEDRIC-CNAM, France), Jean-Marie Gilliot (ENST Bretagne, France)

Card-Centric Framework - Providing I/O Resources for Smart Cards- Pak-Kee Chan, Chiu-Sing Choy, Cheong-Fat Chan, Kong-Pang Pun (Chinese U. Hong-Kong, Hong-Kong)

Thursday 26 August 2004
10h30 - 12h
Cryptographic Protocols

Session chair: Jean-Bernard Fischer (OCS, France)

On the Security of DeKaRT- Gilles Piret, François-Xavier Standaert, Gaël Rouvroy, Jean-Jacques Quisquater (UCL Crypto Group, Belgium)

An Optimistic Fair Exchange Protocol for Trading Electronic Rights- Masayuki Terada (NTT DoCoMo, Japan), Makoto Iguchi, Masayuki Hanadate, Ko Fujimura (NTT, Japan)

Accountable Ring Signatures: A Smart Card Approach- Shouhuai Xu (U. Texas at San Antonio, USA), Moti Yung (Columbia U., USA)

13h30 - 15h
Middleware 2

Session chair: Pierre Paradinas (CNAM/CEDRIC)

Invited presentation: Smart Cards, Framework and Application Models- Jean-Jacques Vandewalle (Gemplus, France)

Checking and Signing XML Using Java Smart Cards- Nils Gruschka, Florian Reuter, Norbert Luttenberger (Christian-Albrechts-U. Kiel, Germany)

XML Agent on Smart Cards- Sunil Sayyaparaju, Deepak B. Phatak (IIT Bombay, India)

15h - 15h30
Closing Session
with Best Student Paper Award.

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